One week update.

ccearthcake12_zps55b3a685Babelflysch is a week old today! There are over 120 Open Source and Free geoscience software packages listed and an ever-expanding list of resources (data repositries, web services, journals, courses and technical info) is growing fast to help bridge any knowledge and data gaps. Websites, news sites and reading lists are here too. All geoscience focussed. All Open Source or Free. New stuff is listed below:



Data Analysis go there

Data Management – go there

Data Repositriesgo there

Courses – go there

  • OpenPetroleum –
    • 70 hours of petroleum multimedia content with cutting-edge animations, graphics and narrative

Geophysicsgo there

Graphics go there

Modelling – go there

Networks go there

Office Management go there

  • Odoo –
    • ERP software
    • Web, sales, operations, HR, marketing, finance, productivity
    • Inventory management.
    • ERP software and customer relationship management (CRM) system
    • functionality for managing all financial, distribution, sales, and service processes

Office Suite go there

Project Management go there

  • Calligra Plan –
    • project management application intended for managing moderately large projects with multiple resources
  • Project Open –
    • keeps track of project plans, project progress, budgets, costs, risks, milestones
    • supporting the administrative and reporting processes in complex PMO environments
    • allows to track time sheets related to both projects and support services
  • ProjectForge –
    • project management and financial and adminstrative controlling platform for teams
    • multi-lingual.
    • Smartphone (android) support app.

Share and stocks (info) go there

  • Google –
    • Customisable, global, portfolio management and market reporting
  • Yahoo –
    • Customisable, global, portfolio management and market reporting

Shares and Stocks (software) go there

Spectral go there



  1. Jason Needham · · Reply

    Hi Bill

    Great initiative mate! Bookmarked the page so I can get the tools and data I need.

    Best luck out there.



    1. Hey Jason,
      Thanks for this. Hope you’re thriving. If you know or see anything that should be included, let me know.


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