End-September update

Some really good stuff in this update. AlternateTo.com (Open Source Portals) is a great resource for checking out what other software options are available. PowerMap (data management) is fabulous, but only for Excel 2013+. Power BI (Data Management) is the web-service answer to this. Earth Point (GIS) superimoses a UTM grid, and others, on Google Earth and is a handy tool. Powershow (Lecture Notes) is a reaaly good repositry for powerpoint presentations, including some niche geology topics. The CRC LEME open file reports (Regolith) flesh out the regolith info substantially.

Blogsgo there

Coursesgo there

Data Repositoriesgo there

  • RSC resource intelligence – http://intel.rscmme.com/
    • Interactive spatial presentation of technical resource and reserve reporting.(NI43-101 and JORC)

Data Managementgo there

Geophysical Methodsgo there

GIS go there

  • EarthPoint – http://www.earthpoint.us
    • Bring grids into Google Earth – DMS, DD, UTM/UPS, MGRS
      • autoscales down to 10m
    • Batch import/convert spreadsheets into Google Earth
    • Area, perimeter and centroid on Google Earth Polygons

Graphicsgo there

Journals go there

Lecture Notes go there

Network Administrationgo there

Operating Systemgo there

Open Source Portalsgo there

  • AlternativeTo – http://alternativeto.net/
    • excellent open source portal
    • type in the name of the commercial software you want an alternative to.

Reading go there

Regolithgo there

Surveying and Geodesy go there

Websites – go there


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