9 October 2015 update

Some interesting additions in this update. Geo for All (Courses) is an excellent initiative with a strong focus on GIS training and accessibility. ResMap, a satellite image repositry (Information) includes SPOT 5 data. ILWIS (GIS) has some useful 3D capability, including using multipe Z value-sources in datasets (beyond DEM). The CET presentation library (Lecture Notes) includes some great industry science.

If you know of software, data sources or science – that is Open or Free to use and should be included on these pages, please forward some details.

Courses go there

  • Geo for All – http://www.geoforall.org/
    • GIS software, open data, open standards,
    • access to research publications,
    • education resources in Geospatial education and research

Data Analysis


  • CERENA GEOMS2 – http://cerena.ist.utl.pt/
    • geostatistics and geosciences modeling software
    • interface for grid, point, surface and data objects.
    • 3D viewer and 2D plots.
    • Provide univariate and multivariate analysis.


Database and Data Management go there

Geology go there

GISgo there

GPSgo there

  • DNRGPS – http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/mis/gis/DNRGPS/DNRGPS.html
    • transfer data between Garmin handheld GPS receivers and GIS software.
    • works with ArcGIS 10.x, Google Earth, Most Garmin GPSs, and other NMEA output GPSs
  • G-Raster – http://moagu.com/?page_id=155
    • creates raster Custom Maps for your Garmin GPS receiver.
    • easily convert KMZ overlay files calibrated in Google Earth, chopping them up into smaller tiles fully compatible with Garmin units

Journalsgo there

Lecture Notes go there

Reading go there

Structure go therego there


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  1. Jason Needham · · Reply

    I couldn’t get the ResMap link to work


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