This site highlights some of the areas where Open Source Software, Shareware and Freeware, in conjunction with other online resources, can make real contribution to geosciences and geoscience training.  There is usually a non-commercial option for software that does the same job as commercial software.

The pages also include links to good data repositries, good training applications and open courses.

This site has been compiled for a number of reasons. The first is an attempt to centralise software, information and resources that are spread all over the web and are relevant to geologists and the various sub-disciplines we fill.

Second, its no secret that times are tough in mining. A lot of colleagues and friends have lost jobs and the access to commercial software and services that go with employment. The disconnect can be particulary hard in developing countries. Open Source software and magnanimous sharing of resources for learning and training provides an avenue for geoscientists who want to continue to develop their skills to continue to do so. Coralling resources that bridge the software and training void gives an opportunity for geoscientists to continue to improve skills, even while the industry is far from its peak.

Third, it must be getting close to the day where an entire geology office can be set up with non-commercial software. FLOSS, FOSS, OSS, MOOC, Libre, Shareware and Freeware, and the magnamnity of various training institutions and universities, combine to permit no-cost or low-cost software, training and learning.


Bill is a geologist working in Africa.

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